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 What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is an administrative professional who supports entrepreneurs, business owners, and busy people in long-term collaborative partnerships by handling the administrative details of their lives and businesses.  The technology of today enables a seamless integration for tasks and projects to be accomplished without the VA having to be physically present in the client’s office.


Virtual Assistance is the latest and greatest way of using The Internet to get work done using a “Virtual Office.”

¨     A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a self-employed entrepreneur, specializing in Virtual Business Support Services.

¨     Unlike "temps", a good VA works in partnership with her clients. Working this way, she learns the client's business and is able to make a positive impact on the success of her client’s business over the long term.

¨     A Virtual Assistant works offsite, remotely, or somewhere other than your office.

¨     Just about anything that can be done in a traditional office can be done by a Virtual Assistant in her own office.

¨     Communication is done by e-mail, phone, fax, regular mail, or online instant messaging.

¨     Files are exchanged via e-mail as attachments, file sharing/transfer, or regular/overnight mail using diskettes.

Take a closer look at Virtual Assistance to discover if it is ideal for you and your business. Below are a few articles about this dynamic profession and the ways it has positively impacted businesses and lives: 

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