Soar to New Heights with Your Ideal Assistant!

Below is a sampling of how I can help you.  However, this list is by no means complete.  If what you're looking for help with isn't listed here, please contact me for a free consultation to discuss the many ways that I may be able assist you and your business

As with all of my clients, I will work with you to identify the tasks that are taking valuable time away from what you love to do and what drives your business.  Together, we will design a plan for me to take over those tasks and seamlessly integrate my services into your organization.

Create & Maintain Your Databases

·         Contacts

·         Businesses / Vendors

·         Media: Broadcast and Print

·         Informational Articles

Keep all of your information at your fingertips; you won’t have to search for phone numbers, notes, etc. on scraps of paper.

Manage Your Calendar

·         I will know where you are supposed to be at all times and what your scheduling preferences are

You won’t miss appointments, deadlines, or other important dates.

Manage Your Email

·         Check your email, handle routine items, and forward to you only those that need your attention

Email is great, but too much can be an annoyance.  I can filter out all of the unimportant stuff.

Check Your Voicemail

·         Handle routine messages, and forward a summary of messages to you

·         Contact you with urgent messages

You can just let the phone ring while you concentrate on important tasks.

Provide Superb Customer Service

·         Respond to client inquiries with knowledgeable information about your product or service

·         Inform your clients about new product or service offerings, or special sales

·         Be the point of contact for questions or problems

It costs anywhere from 5 to 8 times more to gain a new customer as opposed to retaining your current customers.  I’ll help you keep your current clients happy with superb customer service!

Assist You with Communications

·         Write and distribute letters, reports, newsletters in your voice

You won't have the stress of writing the content, and your printed communications are grammatically correct with a consistent, professional appearance.

Provide Office Management

·         Manage vendor relations for office machines, supplies, subscriptions, licenses, marketing businesses, and more

Let me worry about all of the details that keep your office running smoothly.

Work on A/R & A/P

·         Prepare and send invoices for payment

·         Update accounts as payments are received

·         Follow up on non-payment of accounts

·         Review invoices and ensure they are correct before your check goes out

·         Track spending

·         Ensure your accountant/bookkeeper has all the information needed to take care of your bookkeeping and taxes.

You can focus on your clients while I keep an eye on your bottom line.

Publish a Weekly/Monthly Newsletter

·         Manage mailing list (email or snail mail)

·         Set up automatic systems

·         Subscribe/unsubscribe people

·         Answer questions

·         Promote online and offline

·         Format

·         Broadcast

·         Archive

You become an expert in your field with a monthly or weekly newsletter!

Provide Executive-Level Assistance

·         I can be your gatekeeper: no one will get to you without going through me

·         I will help you and/or give you suggestions on how to keep your private life private

·         I will field questions and pass on only those I can't answer (the list of questions I can’t answer will get shorter as I get to know your business better)

·         I can be the yes/no person for requests for your time and be the person who turns down requests (if you don’t like to say no, even when you WANT to say no)

You will be able to spend your time more effectively and not spin your wheels.

Market Your Business

·         Web marketing

·         Brochures, business cards, folders

·         Ads, flyers

·         Find graphic designers

·         Locate and hire printer

·         Coordinate projects and follow up with printer

We can brainstorm on how best to get the word out about what you have to offer and I can take it from there.

Help With Website Development/Maintenance

·         Collaborate with web designer to develop and design website

·         Proof and test website

·         Brainstorm new site ideas

·         Do minor updates to pages

·         Follow up and make sure changes are made

Your web presence is important!  But it doesn’t have to be a headache for you.

Plan Your Travel

·       Book hotels

·       Book airline tickets

·       Rental car or limo

·       Transportation to and from venues

·       Provide minute by minute itinerary

When I plan your travel, you’ll feel like the CEO that you are!

If any of these tasks are things that you like to do and want to continue to handle, that’s great!  My goal is only to take the things off your plate that stress you or drain your time and creativity.